Friday, 25 July 2014

Just what is it About Chestermere that Folks Love?

Talk to the folks who live in Chestermere and it won’t take long to realize that the lot of them really love the place. Ask some more, and just like the people who live here, you’ll find there are a variety of answers why.

  • It’s a quicker commute to work than McKenzie Towne. McKenzie Towne’s well inside city limits, but Chestermerians can brag that, despite being from out of town, it’s quicker to drive to downtown through either the 1A or the Trans-Canada Highway than through the Deerfoot’s hellish traffic.
  • There’s something here for everyone. The first thing most Chestermerians will brag about is their lake, which is a watersports destination in the warmer months and the perfect place to enjoy our national sport in the winter. However, the town has invested in more than just the lake. There’s a golf course, a skate park, a bicycle park, and campgrounds—there’s even a spray park on the table for tots to enjoy in the near future.
  • It’s awfully quiet here—and that’s a good thing! People who live in the city often get so sick and tired of all the hustle and bustle around them that they’re constantly yearning for a chance to head west for the mountains. While Chestermerians love the mountains just as much, the city doesn’t drive them quite as crazy. Coming home to the peace and quiet of this incredible town definitely has its perks.

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