Thursday, 27 March 2014

Moving into Your New Home

So, you’ve finally closed a deal on a new single-family house somewhere in Chestermere, AB. Your preferred realtor showed you some attractive listings and you saw one of them as a place you’d love to live in. Financing, check; closing costs, check; landed a job in the area, check! All that remains is to move in with your loved ones and your belongings. Pretty simple, eh? Not quite.
Since the house is formally yours, security is paramount and you can start by changing the locks on all doors and keeping the master keys. Plan a general cleaning well before the big move-in; there’s always a possibility that the previous owner did not exactly clean up before they left. Plan the color codes for each room and acquire the paint and equipment you need so you can get to work right away.
Use the opportunity to fully check the house with a real-estate inspector to make sure all systems are in order. A remodeling and HVAC contractor will be in the cards if some inconsistencies were noted during the initial negotiations; your realtor can recommend some in the area. The heating and cooling system should be fully ready.
Moving into a new home is not exactly rocket science. When you factor in the benefits of starting over, knowing how to make yourselves comfortable in the house helps you get ready for the new life you’ll be living inside your new abode.

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