Thursday, 1 May 2014

Start Living the Quiet Life in a Chestermere Home

Chestermere is a quiet, lakeside town that is fast becoming the prime choice for many home buyers interested in living in the Calgary area. Located right next to the city itself, this formerly sleepy town has withstood many transformations in the last twenty years. This change has spurred population growth over the years. With only less than a thousand people in the early 90s, the town’s population has surged to 16,000 residents today.

What is attracting all of these people to this Alberta town? For one, it’s just ten miles from downtown Calgary. It’s a convenient route for commute and, at the same time, if you want to have a great place to retreat from the fast-paced city life, Chestermere is the place to be. Additionally, the town has all the conveniences of any revitalized and gentrified place, with public amenities and several public and private schools and churches of multiple denominations.

The biggest attraction for the townspeople, though, is the lake itself. Lake Chestermere was transformed to become the hub for multiple watersports, such as wakeboard and waterskiing. It has even established an active sailing community, centered around the bustling Calgary Yacht Club. Boating in the summer months is a popular pastime, while ice-fishing is the sport in the winter months.

For anyone looking into buying a home in the Calgary area, Chestermere should be your first stop. The town provides the quiet life of suburban living, while being accessible to the faster-paced city life of Calgary.

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