Monday, 26 May 2014

Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Chestermere

Are you planning to move into the beautiful region of Alberta? If so, the town of Chestermere would be perfect for your dream home. Here are the five reasons why you should move to Chestermere:

The Economy

Recent statistics show that Alberta’s economy is thriving, and Chestermere is an active contributor. Local businesses (that are not taxed for business licence, by the way), the heath care scene, and real estate sales are all making the quality of life better.

The Location

Chestermere is just a convenient drive away from nearby Calgary business district, where you most likely will have to do some business or entertaining. Accessible public transportation to Calgary is also available.

Community Living

The town takes pride in its well-kept gardens and landscapes, child care, and an overall caring community, which goes to the extent of holding a 248-hour hockey marathon for fundraising.

Leisure Opportunities

Sports and recreational activities can be done in the sports centre. Chestermere also boasts of a lake where you can go swimming, waterskiing, and sailing in summer; and ice fishing or skating in winter. The town is also dotted with malls, restaurants, and pubs, as well as other facilities for recreation.

Home Choices

Whether you want single family homes within the local community, or perhaps in the town’s outskirts, you can choose among the viable homes for sale featured in official listings. You can also secure a condo in Calgary or Langdon to be close to this wonderful town.

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