Thursday, 1 May 2014

Working with Realtors: Common Myths

Realtors are the type of professionals with many stories to tell. There are many perceptions out there about how they operate or how real estate investments really work. Here are some of the more common myths associated with the industry and the agents themselves.
Myth 1: The best agent to call is the one who has the most listings.
The effectiveness of calling an agent with the most property listings can vary depending on how diligent your agent is. It boils down with the agent’s professional attitude. Even with a long list and impressive array of selections, an agent may not feel like working hard enough to deal with individual buyers. He or she may be slow to answer calls, or may not find time enough to be take you to sites and, instead, will pair you with an inexperienced junior realtor.
Myth 2: Agents will tell you anything just to sell.
Not all agents are hardcore salespeople who make off-the chart claims just to make a sale. Making false statements about a sale is against the law; if proven guilty, real estate agents can be stripped of their real estate license.
Myth 3: You have to know a lot about real estate before investing.
Most people back out of investing in a home because they doubt their ability to understand the process of buying their dream home. You don’t have to be experts before the fact; realtors exist to serve as your guide, so make sure you get ahold of an experienced agent before purchasing.

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